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Spooky Social Media: Have you subscribed to my pumpkin?

We social media types might be techy but we are also creative!  …sometimes we are even creative in ways that extend beyond the computer.

Did you do a social media pumpkin?  If so send us the pic! We want to see!

Happy Halloween!

Pumpking carved with the RSS symbol

Have you subscribed to my pumpkin?

Pumpkin carved with the Twitter Fail Whale

Even my pumpin can't tweet

Laser cut pumpkin with a face and Digg carved into it.

How many Diggs does your pumpkin have?

Pumpkin carved with the Reddit alien

Did your pumpkin make the news feed?

Wordpress logo carved into a pumpkin

Not only did WordPress host my blog, they are hosting my pumpkin

Pumpkins carved with the firefox and internet explorer, IE, logos

How do you browse your pumpkins?

Plaxo logo carved into a pumpkin

Does your pumpkin know your address?