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Twitters New “Marketing” Gallery

Article first published as Twitter’s New “Marketing” Gallery on Technorati.

Twitter has taken a bold step into photo sharing with the announcement of their new image gallery feature. But this step might do more than just increase engagement. It could be trigger a huge change in social marketing strategy.

Now on your profile is a photo strip that will show the most recent photos you shared on Twitter. Unlike in Facebook where you can organize your photos into albums as well as have the most recent pictures appear, in Twitter there will be no possible organization. At least not yet. The photo strip simply shows the images you have recently tweeted.

Twitter Photo Strip

The Twitter gallery features your 100 most recent images and will archive as far back as January 2010. It is pulling the images from third party apps like Twitgoo and Moby, because until recently you could only share images on Twitter via third party apps.

Your most recent 4 images will be shown on your profile. But if you click an image, a giant image gallery opens up that shows all your images. They can be viewed as a slide show or as a grid. When you click on an image in the gallery view, it will display the original tweet that posted the image. This allows people to easily retweet images that were posted yesterday or ten months ago.

This is the first time that Twitter truly supports retweeting archived tweets. Twitter is most commonly thought of as an active conversation that is happening now, and not a platform for looking at what people posted last week or even last month. Unless you post more than 100 pictures a week, you will be able to get a glimpse of your Twitter history in photos.

This new photo sharing feature on Twitter could very well be a game changer. It could drastically change the way people are using and sharing information on Twitter. The ability to retweet archived images increases the longevity of a tweet. In many ways it encourages people to tweet with pictures because of the de-archiving aspect. From a marketing stand point, it opens up a world of opportunity to do much more extensive branding through the use of photographs.

The new Twitter gallery may make businesses think more critically on their use of photos in their marketing and sharing strategy on Twitter. It also might make people think twice about sharing that embarrassing photo they took while hanging out with their friends. No matter what, the photo gallery is going to make people think twice.

Excuse me Officer, mind if Tweet this arrest?

Noah Elliot Tweet from a police car

The now infamous pic that Noah Elliot tweeted from the back of a police car

Social media sharing has just reached a new level as the CEO of Twitpic, Noah Everett,  a photo sharing app for Twitter, shared a pic of the back of a police car as he was being arrested. This bring us to the question of how much sharing is too much sharing? Or a better question, is there such a thing as bad sharing in business?

Many people would argue that people share too much about themselves, their lives, their..ahem..intimate details. But that is in your personal life. What about your professional life? Is personalizing your brand now becoming a tell-all? Is twitter the new corporate Taxicab confessions? Already we have had Red Cross getting drunk, Chrysler tweeting road rage and Weiner showing his, well…

The red cross rogue tweet ended up in extra fundraising, Chrysler buried their story as fast as possible and likely fired the guy who made the tweet, and Weiner stepped down from his office but was offered a job at Huslter.

But Twitpic is not hurting their brand. Though you could argue that every CEO is the face of their brand. Lets be realistic. If Steve Jobs got arrested for public nudity people would care. The CEO of Twitpic….who? What it did show was that power of social media for creating brand awareness.  Because he is the face of Twitpic, even if it is a face that you are unfamiliar with, and he did tweet this sensational event, the drama and humor of it was too much to contain.  Yes his picture went viral. Of course it helps that he has 2.8 million follower on Twitter.

Because of who he is, the sensational element of his tweet made it go viral. Because no on is invested in the public (or private) activities of Noah Everett, announcing to the world that he was getting arrested does not really affect his personal brand. What it did do was bring his actual brand more into the public eye.  This was his real world demonstration how you can share anything on Twitpic….literally anything.

Though not an intentional marketing strategy. Noah Everet did successfully put his brand in the headlines and might have created a public brand for himself in the process.

5 Tips for Live Tweeting

I am totally tweeting thisEvents and conferences are the perfect places to tweet live. It is a great way to share your experiences with your followers and get people more involved with what you are doing. Live tweeting also shows that you are relevant and active in current events, and not someone who only tweets in retrospect. Additionally, it is good way to network with others at the conference.

  1. Hashtags– Most events will have hashtags associated with them. Use that tag on all your tweets from the event. This will let people know what you are tweeting about, and where you are tweeting from. Plus, other people from the conference will be able to see your tweets and you might be able to set up some networking opportunities.
  2. Tell People– Let people know that you will be live tweeting. Anyone who is interested in the show, but not there, will be likely to follow your tweets to get a first hand account of what is happening.
  3. Share your pics!– Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words and Twitter is limited to 140 characters. Pics are a great way to share your experiences, and tools like TwitPic are great for posting your pics on Twitter.
  4. Archive your tweets– Keep a copy of all your tweets from the event by archiving the hashtag. A great app for this is Twapper Keeper – they will track a hashtag for you and create an archive you can access later. This is great for blogging or reviewing all the convos happening from the show when you have more time to look at what other people were saying.
  5. Live in the now– Don’t get so caught up in tweeting that you take yourself away from what is happening. Use tools like speech to text to help you type. But mainly, make sure that you are enjoying what is happening right now, because as great as live tweeting is, you can always write about it later!