Insure your Tweets?

Social media is becoming an integral part of the new marketing strategy. Many would argue that it is now an integral part of any comprehensive business plan. As more companies are embracing social media, we will probably also see more mishaps like the infamous Red Cross Rogue Tweet and the F-bomb on … [Read more...]

Twitter gets fancy with some new updates

Twitter has just announced a new feature. You now have the ability to see your friends' timelines. Essentially what this does is let you see what your friends see when they login to their Twitter.  The argument for this is that if you are following an influencer you might be interested in the type … [Read more...]

Not all Trends are Meaningful

Many things trend on Twitter. But not everything that trends is meaningful. In fact, some things go beyond being silly and are actually just meaningless - occasionally literally gibberish. Trending is often a product of influence rather than significance. If someone has a lot of followers, and is … [Read more...]

Live Tweeting the Bin Laden Raid

Live tweeting is something that is becoming more popular and more common. In reality, the only difference between live tweeting and regular tweeting is that someone is commenting on an event as it happens, versus commenting on it after the fact. A lot of times live tweeting is considered the … [Read more...]

17 Tips for a Better Business Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a great way to get to know your community. For businesses they provide an opportunity to grow your network, scope out potential clients, position yourself in the community and grow your reputation.  Basically, you are talking to a large active segment of your target market. So … [Read more...] – The Daily Spam made a big splash on Twitter last fall. By December, everywhere you looked there was a new For a while the popularity grew so fast that we began to wonder if they were going to be the new Follow Friday? But as I saw more of them being posted, I also began to wonder: Are people … [Read more...]

Tweet me, tag me, tell me…how do you talk to people?

* This is a re-post of the guest post I wrote for The Inspiring Bee When people are getting into Twitter and Facebook , they usually want to know: How do you talk to people? This might sound like a beginner question, but it really isn't.  Whether you are a business or an individual, this … [Read more...]

Tweeting for Good – Engage the Crowd (pt. 2)

Part 2 of Tweeting for Good (Read Part 1: Tweet to be Retweeted) The test Any Twitter user should take this test: 1.     Click on your profile and look at a list of your tweets. What is the ratio of replies and retweets to ones you have written? 2.     When was the last time your CEO … [Read more...]

Tweet for Good: Tweet to be Retweeted

With 500,000 new accounts each day, Twitter has the ability to spread news and goodwill at a rate never seen before. Especially for smaller non-profits, Twitter is an inexpensive and important way to gain name recognition, new supporters and raise funds.  News about tsunami warnings and wildfire … [Read more...]

How to handle a Tweetastrophy: Chrysler’s real problem

Dropping the F-bomb in a tweet last week was a big mistake, but the biggest blunder was the insult to their entire consumer base and supporting community. Twitter happens in a split second. The longer we use it, and the more people become familiar with it, the more forgiving we become.  There are … [Read more...]