Amy Winehouse Dies and Trends

Amy Winehouse died Saturday morning, from what is likely an overdose. She is the bluesy singer famous for her deep voice and "brazen" lyrics. Though by the end of her life she was almost more known for her drug and alcohol problem than her music. Though her infamous song "rehab" did seem to portend … [Read more...]

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I am a bit believer that my opinion is not the only one that matters.  I want to hear your thoughts and perspective.  I always hear about people looking for opportunities to guest blog.  Well, HERE IT IS!  Send me your blog post! Possible Topics: Social Media PR Reputation … [Read more...]

Monitoring is useless…Analytics are invaluable!

Lauren Armstrong's Statistics

This post is following a blog post on The Wall by Jed Hallam. The post, Social media monitoring: absolutely pointless, essentially says that statistics from SM monitoring are useless. That they encourage people to focus on the minutia of their profile growth and interactions rather than looking at … [Read more...]