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Manymoon vs. Basecamp vs. TeamworkPM: The Throwdown!

Heavy Weight Belt

Manymoon vs. Basecamp: do you know who will win as the better cloud-based team and project manager?

More and more people are cloud computing. I mostly use it for my business, since it is much more efficient for me to keep information on the cloud and be able to access it from anywhere.  Recently I was asked about cloud-based project management.  I was using Manymoon. Then I switched to TeamworkPM. Then someone else chimed in saying they use Basecamp.  When I actively use a tool for my business I will sing its praises. So with 3 project management tools going head to head, the gauntlet was thrown.

It was time for the Manymoon vs. Basecamp vs. TeamworkPM throwdown.

So, which one is better?




Calendar yes yes yes
Tasks yes yes yes
Milestones yes yes yes
Team members yes yes yes
Email Alerts yes yes yes
Document Sharing yes yes yes
Bulletin yes yes yes
Reports yes yes yes
Time Tracking yes yes yes
Mobile App NO yes yes
Free Plan yes yes yes
Google Apps Integration yes NO yes
Sales Force Integration yes NO NO
Templates yes yes yes
Website Integration NO NO yes

As you can see, there are more similarities than differences.  What is comes down to is functionality that meets your needs.  If you need to be able to access your task manager from your phone then you should go with Basecamp or TeamworkPM. If you need to integrate Google Docs then Manymoon or TeamworkPM. If Sales Force is your key, then you should go with Manymoon.

I was a big Manymoon user for a long time, but I have switched to TeamworkPM. I like that I was able to easily create a login on my website for the application. It just seemed easier for me to use. But really the differences were in the minute details. A big one for me was the ability to schedule daily recurring tasks that only occurred Monday through Friday. It seems like such a little thing, but not having weekend notifications that tasks were due was a bit deal to someone with a flooded email box.

Though all of them are great project management tools and will definitely help you get organized and focused, you need to find the one that matches your needs and work style the best.