This is no time to tag…on Facebook

Social Media Strategist Lauren MacEwen, in the shirt Friends don't tag friends on Facebook

Feeling that it had been a little while since Facebook made a change to how you use it? Yeah, we did too. Thankfully they did not let us down and changed something else on Facebook engagement. You can no longer tag people on your fan page. Many of you might be saying, "Wait, I could never tag … [Read more...]

Is Big Brother Tagging you on Facebook?


A while ago Facebook released automatic facial recognition in the United States.  It caused a bit of a kerfluffle but everyone did go back to their regular existence and pretty much forgot about it. They are now releasing it all over the world so the issue is once again in the forefront of everyones … [Read more...]

Tagging Photos: Engagement or Spam?

Facebook has made a bunch of changes to their tags.  First, you can shorten them. Second, you don't need the @ symbol. Now, you can tag Fan Pages in pictures.  Wait -  did I read that right?  Yes!  Facebook is now allowing you to tag Fan Pages in pictures. When Facebook launched the upgraded Fan … [Read more...]

Facebook gets Casual

Tagging is a great way to let someone know you are talking about them. You are creating a link in a post that sends the other person a notification that you tagged them in a post. It also puts a copy of the post on their wall. This has been excellent for engagement, but it has been a bit … [Read more...]

Spam Tag, You’re It!

I was recently tagged in a picture of shoes.  I'd been friended by someone who runs a Fan Page.  When they held their next big sale, they posted a picture of a shoe, and then tagged me and a dozen other people in it. This is not a good engagement technique nor is this a good sales strategy.  This is … [Read more...]