Talking in Tags: The Language of Status Updates

Tags are a current language in Twitter and Facebook status updates. People are no longer just writing in sentences or brief thoughts, they are now writing in tags and hashtags. We are all getting used to reading and ignoring the # sign, and making sense of  words strung together, like … [Read more...]

Hiring Consultants is Good for Your Sanity

Wearing too many hats

Most of us will feel overwhelmed with our business at some point. Balancing work, home, personal life, relationships, and finances can be too much to deal with.  Then add in to that being a business owner. Not only are you working, but you are strategic planning, financial planning, creating and … [Read more...]

How to use Tweetdeck: Video Tutorial

How do I use Tweetdeck?  What do I use it for? Why should I use it? Tweetdeck is an excellent tool for organizing your Twitter feeds.  It allows you to have your Twitter lists divided into columns, which can be all monitored simultaneously.  You can see your direct messages, your mentions and … [Read more...]

Speaking of Nerves

Nervous speaking, looking at you

I recently spoke at Emerge NM.  It was to a class of women who are learning to become the next democratic leaders in New Mexico.  Overall I think the talk went well, but it was not great. I was nervous. Not over the top, hands shaking, voice quivering, paralyzed legs nervous.  But still nervous.  It … [Read more...]

Blog Radio

Lauren on Blog Radio: Build Your Career with Passion

I will be on Dennis Charles blog radio show on Monday August 9th at 11 am EST.  Dennis hosts a great show called Build Your Career with Passion.  He has lots of interesting and informative guests who provide a lot of great information about building your career and your business.  Linda Lopeke from … [Read more...]

NFO is the new SEO


NFO is the new SEO If you want your business to be successful, if you want your profile to grow, if you want your blogs to be read, they have to be seen.  It is fairly simple. If no one see’s your post, then you might as well have not made it. We all like to think that our friends will pay … [Read more...]

Build it and they still may not come: how to get interactions on Facebook

You are up on all the latest social media tech. You have every account you own hooked up to Hootsuite and your posts are scheduled 3 times a day for the next 2 months. You post the pretty pictures of the nice sunset and a funny video of a cat riding a vacuum. You have 2,000 friends who wish you … [Read more...]

Build it and the still may not come: It’s been a week, why am I not making money?

@ Money

It’s been a week, why am I not making money? Ah, immediate gratification.  Who doesn’t want it?  Who doesn’t want success and money and love and a fit body and that dream vacation NOW?  I want it now.  I don’t want to wait. I am tired of ......waiting. I recently had someone say to me, well … [Read more...]

Infuence: The New ROI of Social Media

ROI (Return on Investment) has always been a challenging analytic to gather.  In traditional marketing, the questions are: How effective is the ad?  Are people paying attention to it?  Are we driving business from it?  Are we successfully building a brand?  Companies have striven to answer these … [Read more...]