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Using the Best Buy way to sell on Twitter

In a previous life, (okay, maybe a year ago) I’d help sales people build relationships for their business through Twitter. As a former sales rep for the Albuquerque Journal, Clovis News Journal, and Best Buy, I modeled my sales process after one of the best businesses using Social Media and Technology.

Thank you, Best Buy and the Blue Shirt Crew.

To share a couple of thoughts from a presentation I called “How to Close the Sale Through Twitter,” here are some pointers about executing a good sales strategy while incorporating Twitter into the process.

Stage One: CONTACT

When first initiating a conversation through social media, topics related to business are discouraged while getting to know a prospective customer. However, within due time, find a way to open up the opportunity to present your product or service. I recommend opening up that gateway privately (Direct Messages or Replies) so you can protect your reputation as a strategic sales person – not a desperate one.

Stage Two: ASK

Through responses and tweets, ask general questions or ask about an appointment. If your product or service requires an explanation of 140 or more characters, which it most likely does, ask for an appointment. By doing this, or asking questions, you’re producing interest and intrigue through Twitter.


You’d obviously close your sales presentation by recommending your products and asking for the sale. However, I caution those selling high-dollar investments to think carefully about trying to complete the sale through Twitter. As much as Twitter can be a relationship building tool, it is easier for someone to tell you “no” in front of a computer than in person.

Don’t forget – when you’re face to face or behind TweetDeck, be polite, look good (looks go a long way in this business), and be passionate and confident about your product.

Good luck my fellow sales people. I bid you good Tweeting.

Profile picture of Kristelle SiarzaKristelle Siarza is a marketing professional in the Albuquerque area, currently working for the Associated General Contractors – New Mexico Building Branch.  As one of the youngest marketing professionals at the age of 24, she has much experience with networking, social media, and advertising. You can find Kristelle and read about her shennanegans here.


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