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New Twitter Photo…bucket

Twitter has finally made it possible to upload photos directly onto their website. Previously third party applications like, yFrog and Twitgoo had dominated this aspect of the application. But ever since the company bought out the primary third party desktop client, Tweetdeck, in May, they have been being more proactive in their use of third party technology.  It is looking like the company is trying to corner the market on total Twitter solutions. Though with their simple API and a host of companies trying to find bigger and better ways to use and harness Twitter, it is unlikely that they will be able to eliminate, or even dominate, the third party apps.

The user interface is simple. You just click the little camera and chose the picture you want to upload.

Twitter Picture

Twitter Picture

After you add the pic you will see it in the lower corner. This lets you verify what the image is. But it does post it as a link in the tweet, not an image in the tweet.

Picture Tweet

When you click the link it opens up a new window to show you the picture. Not quite a picture display in the twitter stream, but it still keeps you on Twitter.

Twitter Picture

Overall it is a nice addition to the Twitter mainframe.