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Top 10 things America’s Next Top Model can teach us about Social Media Success!

Tyra Banks, ANTM

Top 10 things America’s Next Top Model can teach us about Social Media Success!

  1. Be Fierce! (Tyra)

    To be top you have to be confident. You have to be strong. You have to have a presence. To set yourself apart in social media you need to have a unique voice. Be yourself. Be the best. Be unique. Be Fierce!

  2. Smize- Smile with your eyes.  (Tyra)

    Did someone make you angry?  Do you have troll on your blog or in your Twitter stream?  Don’t respond with emotion because it will come off aggressive and mean. Check your emotion a the curb. Even when you are fierce you can still be friendly.

  3. Model from your head to your tippy toes! (Tyra)

    Commit! Don’t do anything half way. Don’t let the details fall away. If you are going to do it, then do it all the way! Many people wonder why their Facebook or Twitter is not pulling int he traffic or engagement they expected. More than half the time it is due to inconsistency. You have to commit to a schedule, and one that meets the needs of the platform not your needs. Twitter is a daily activity. Actually it is a multiple times a day activity. If you cannot get on and tweet with people at least once or twice a day, then don’t do it.

  4. Perfect is boring, human is beautiful. (Tyra)

    Being perfect is not interesting.  Write as yourself. Tweet as yourself.  Don’t be afraid to mess up or put your foot in your mouth. It allows people to relate to you. It makes you accessible. Mistakes will open up more conversation than perfection.

  5. Never dull your shine for someone else. (Tyra)

    Always be who you are.  If you are a shooting star then let your star shine! It is hard when you are going on your own and start to find success. You have been working hard and deserve it. But that doesn’t mean that other people will not be envious or view your success as “overnight” or undeserved. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Never let your success be dulled by someone who is not as successful. Let them find inspiration with you.

  6. You have to be strong and confident everyday, because everyday is a challenge. (Natasha Ivanova, model contestant)

    Everyday is something new.  We all have days when we feel less than 100%. I have had many days where I feel defeated or just simply uninspired. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and approach the day with confidence.

  7. Walk like it’s for sale and the rent is due tonight. (J. Alexander)

    Every day is a sale.  Every day is an opportunity to do business. Make sure that you pursue every opportunity with vigor, like your life depends on it. That is how you find success!

  8. YOU can’t cry because WE don’t have time to fix your makeup (Jay Manuel)

    We all take hits. Business deals gone bad. Blogs poorly received. Tweets misunderstood.  Don’t wallow in your mistakes. Don’t let fear get the best of you. We all make them, but if you want to be successful you cannot waste time focusing on mistakes.  Accept them, learn from them, put your fear behind you and keep moving forward.

  9. If you feel it, you will be it! (Tyra)

    Feel like the successful person you are trying to be and you will become that person.  If you feel like a failure, you will become a failure. Make sure your energy is focused on realizing your dreams, not defeating your dreams. This will affect the way you approach your business, your clients and your whole life. Make sure you manifest the positive.

  10. I was never a courtesan in a renaissance castle! But for that day I was. (Tyra)

    Essentially fake it till you make it! Someone might ask you to be something or someone, or do something that is not you. It might not be in your normal skill sets, but that does not mean you cannot do it. Just because you are not comfortable does not mean you can’t do a good job. Often times working outside our comfort zone is the best way to grow. We learn the most and learn about what we can do. It is scary at first, but it will build confidence in your abilities to take on new challenges. Commit to the role you are filling, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

    ….and one to grow on:

  11. Do you want to be on top?

    Do you have the drive? the commitment? the perseverance? Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? I bet you do!