Imagery is Strong, But Word of Mouth is Powerful

Talking Heads: Word of Mouth

If an eye-catching photograph was a weapon it would be a bazooka shot by the hands of the marketing militia. A great marketer is like a master of warfare that knows all the right methods to reach his targeted audiences. He’s good at what he does, because he understands how to attract and manipulate … [Read more...]

Different Strokes: How Marketing Strategies Differ

Different Strokes

Every marketing guru will tell you that their way is the way to get the most buzz, the most traffic, the most sales, etc. But the fact is, there is no one sure fire golden ticket way that will deliver those results to you. Different strategies work for different people. Even on this blog I have … [Read more...]

SEO…yourself? Optimizing your Personal Brand

Lauren MacEwen Google Image Search

Article first published as SEO...yourself? Optimizing your Personal Brand on Technorati. When was the last time you googled yourself? For many of us, it was not that long ago. But when was the last time you checked your SEO value? Your what? Personal SEO value? Yes! SEO, aka. search engine … [Read more...]

Build Your Audience: Find a Fan Base (part 3)

The success of online content relies on both traffic and ongoing engagement, which demands a dedicated audience; a fan base. This series first discussed the importance of converting users to fans, and followed with simple ways to generate a connection with your audience and ‘prime’ them for loyalty. … [Read more...]

Osama, SEO and Branding: It’s a Wrap!

It was a big news week - the biggest news in the media, and in social media, of course was the elimination of our Public Enemy #1. SEO on that topic was huge. Your SEO won't approach that, but it can be more robust than it is - we give you  links to the latest web traffic research and explore the … [Read more...]

How Sticky is Your Business?

Have you seen the recently released study showing that SEO was better at building sticky traffic than social media? It is probably true. When you go to Google and search for a site, you are intending to spend time there. You are looking for it, and the search engine helps you find it. … [Read more...]

The Right Questions: Initiating the Branding Process

The average person sees around 5,000 ads per day. At the supermarket, products are arranged according to the price paid by the producer in order to reach the customer more effectively. Billboards along highways illustrate products which may only apply to a small number of passing drivers. … [Read more...]

Social Media: The Big Four (part 4)

No surprise, the Big Four of social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs.  Ok, maybe that last one was a surprise. In Part 3 of our analysis of social media marketing trends, I talked about the rising influence of blogging in marketing. The Social Media Examiner's 2011 Social Media … [Read more...]

Social Media: Marketers Focus on Blogging (part 3)

This is Part 3 of our analysis of social media marketing trends. Part 1 addressed overall trends in social marketing, and in Part 2 we looked at the time commitment and cost benefit of time investment. In this post we'll focus on one aspect of social marketing, the blog. Blogging is one of the … [Read more...]

Social Media: The Time Commitment (part 2)

This is part 2 of Social Media: The Ultimate Business Tool. Yesterday we looked at the trends of social media and themost common usage by marketers. Today we consider the issue of time. The Social Media Time Commitment One of the first things most businesses ask about, when creating a social … [Read more...]