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Top 10 things America’s Next Top Model can teach us about Social Media Success!

Tyra Banks, ANTM

Top 10 things America’s Next Top Model can teach us about Social Media Success!

  1. Be Fierce! (Tyra)

    To be top you have to be confident. You have to be strong. You have to have a presence. To set yourself apart in social media you need to have a unique voice. Be yourself. Be the best. Be unique. Be Fierce!

  2. Smize- Smile with your eyes.  (Tyra)

    Did someone make you angry?  Do you have troll on your blog or in your Twitter stream?  Don’t respond with emotion because it will come off aggressive and mean. Check your emotion a the curb. Even when you are fierce you can still be friendly.

  3. Model from your head to your tippy toes! (Tyra)

    Commit! Don’t do anything half way. Don’t let the details fall away. If you are going to do it, then do it all the way! Many people wonder why their Facebook or Twitter is not pulling int he traffic or engagement they expected. More than half the time it is due to inconsistency. You have to commit to a schedule, and one that meets the needs of the platform not your needs. Twitter is a daily activity. Actually it is a multiple times a day activity. If you cannot get on and tweet with people at least once or twice a day, then don’t do it.

  4. Perfect is boring, human is beautiful. (Tyra)

    Being perfect is not interesting.  Write as yourself. Tweet as yourself.  Don’t be afraid to mess up or put your foot in your mouth. It allows people to relate to you. It makes you accessible. Mistakes will open up more conversation than perfection.

  5. Never dull your shine for someone else. (Tyra)

    Always be who you are.  If you are a shooting star then let your star shine! It is hard when you are going on your own and start to find success. You have been working hard and deserve it. But that doesn’t mean that other people will not be envious or view your success as “overnight” or undeserved. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Never let your success be dulled by someone who is not as successful. Let them find inspiration with you.

  6. You have to be strong and confident everyday, because everyday is a challenge. (Natasha Ivanova, model contestant)

    Everyday is something new.  We all have days when we feel less than 100%. I have had many days where I feel defeated or just simply uninspired. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and approach the day with confidence.

  7. Walk like it’s for sale and the rent is due tonight. (J. Alexander)

    Every day is a sale.  Every day is an opportunity to do business. Make sure that you pursue every opportunity with vigor, like your life depends on it. That is how you find success!

  8. YOU can’t cry because WE don’t have time to fix your makeup (Jay Manuel)

    We all take hits. Business deals gone bad. Blogs poorly received. Tweets misunderstood.  Don’t wallow in your mistakes. Don’t let fear get the best of you. We all make them, but if you want to be successful you cannot waste time focusing on mistakes.  Accept them, learn from them, put your fear behind you and keep moving forward.

  9. If you feel it, you will be it! (Tyra)

    Feel like the successful person you are trying to be and you will become that person.  If you feel like a failure, you will become a failure. Make sure your energy is focused on realizing your dreams, not defeating your dreams. This will affect the way you approach your business, your clients and your whole life. Make sure you manifest the positive.

  10. I was never a courtesan in a renaissance castle! But for that day I was. (Tyra)

    Essentially fake it till you make it! Someone might ask you to be something or someone, or do something that is not you. It might not be in your normal skill sets, but that does not mean you cannot do it. Just because you are not comfortable does not mean you can’t do a good job. Often times working outside our comfort zone is the best way to grow. We learn the most and learn about what we can do. It is scary at first, but it will build confidence in your abilities to take on new challenges. Commit to the role you are filling, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

    ….and one to grow on:

  11. Do you want to be on top?

    Do you have the drive? the commitment? the perseverance? Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? I bet you do!

Is buying Twitter followers the answer?

A piggy bank with a coin with the twitter bird being deposited

Are your followers really real, or are they bought? Can they be both?

You created a Twitter account. You learned to tweet. You started following people, and some started to follow you back. But you see other tweeps who have thousands of followers compared to your hundred. The green-eyed monster rears its big green head and you want that many followers too. So what do you do? Many people go out and buy them.

Buying followers is not the answer.

There are many services out there that will let you buy followers.  I say to people, a little tongue-in-cheek, that for $100 I could have 10,000 followers tomorrow.  Ok, it would be a bit more than $100 and it might take a week, but I could still get them.  The problem with buying Twitter followers is that it is like an infomercial kitchen gadget. It looks good on TV but is actually useless, breaks when you use it and you’ll never get your money back. Metaphorically speaking, looking like you have 10,000 fans overnight is great, on the surface. Instant popularity. The reality is that it is hollow (warning, here comes another metaphor); it is like a bad one night stand.  Not only is it meaningless, there is no satisfaction.

  • Bought followers do not read your tweets.
  • They do not retweet you.
  • Bought followers do not know who you are.
  • They are not necessarily even people!
  • Bought followers will never be clients or customers.
  • And they will not click your links.

    Bought followers may make your numbers look good but in all probability they will  not benefit your long-term objectives. If you want real engagement, click-throughs, retweets, people who help grow your network, read your tweets and possibly give you business, you have to do it organically. It is slower, but the payoff is much bigger.

    This said, I will admit here that not all the follower buying sites out there are useless, some of the better ones offer to connect you with targeted followers and users, which is not the same as buying randomly in bulk.  Ultimately Twitter is about engagement. Sure, you can purchase as many followers as you can afford, but if you are not participating in the discussion you will not receive any authentic benefits.

    How to say No – and still get the client

    A sign that says No all over it

    Sometimes we have to say no when someone asks for our opinion. Do you know when or how to do that?

    In yesterday’s post we talked about how to know how much free actually costs. This is an important question. If you make your living by giving advice and opinions, you want to make sure you are not working for free. At some level, people need to realize you are not a pushover willing to answer all their questions if they just have the guts to ask.  And if you think they don’t have the guts to ask, let me assure you they do!

    Someone once asked me to go through all their Twitter followers to find all the spammers because they were not sure, and could I just take a look at it?  …um, no. Would you ask a painter to come over and just put a primer coat on your house because you haven’t done it before, so you really aren’t sure what to do?  Nope, you wouldn’t do that either.

    As a consultant, what you know is valuable.  It is easy to forget this because so much of what we know seems second nature to us. We forget what value it really has.  But what is easy to you is easy because you know it. For those who don’t know it, it is not easy and that is why they want to talk to you.

    So when you have someone who is overstepping their bounds and asking too much, it can be hard to tell them no.  But you must.

    How to politely tell someone no:

    • Simply say, I would love to discuss that with you. Why don’t we set up a consulting meeting?
    • I have some really wonderful tools that can help you deal with this very problem – let me send you a link. Then send them a link to where they can buy your e-book or training course, or technology solution.
    • I have had some wonderful success with my clients dealing with this very issue. Here are some case references. Why don’t we put together a marketing plan for you?

    How to not-so-politely tell someone no:

    Sometimes being tactful just doesn’t get through to people. But there are ways to deal with that too.

    • Humor: Person Asking: “You know how to do (fill-in-blank) amazing skill?  you need to tell me how to do that?” Me: “Ha ha, sure, I will tell you when you hire me!”
    • Blunt: “I would love to help you with that issue.  However, I am a professional consultant. If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss this, we can do that, and I will help you with some of your other issues as well.”

    When you tell someone no, make sure that you are always giving them an easy way to bow out of paying you and an easy way to accept your services.  You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable, but at the same time you want to make sure they understand that this is how you make your living.  Give them options: let them know you would love to help them out, and offer them a meeting time. If they get really uncomfortable because you have just told them no, reassure them that it was ok to ask and that you are glad they did. Then book the meeting!

    Have you had uncomfortable encounters where you had to tell someone no?

    Kim Kardashian Crowdsurfs Twitter as a Business Strategy

    Kim Kardashian in a big feathery dressLast week I was drinking my morning coffee when I saw a brief interview on the Today Show with Kim Kardashian.  Matt Lauer was talking to her about her personal brand-based empire. Though they did not focus on it, Kim shared that she often crowdsurfed Twitter to make both personal and business decisions.

    In case you are not sure who Kim Kardashian is, she is the star of the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.  If that didn’t answer your question (I know it didn’t for me), she is the daughter of Kris and Robert Kardashian. Her father, Robert, is a prominent defense attorney.  Her parents divorced and later her mom married Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner.  She has 9 siblings; 3 from her mom, 4 from Bruce and 2 from Bruce and her mom.  Her family dynamic contributed to getting the reality show. But Kim is a PR maven. Like Paris Hilton, she is another person who has managed to become famous just for being famous.

    Though Kim did not rely on her fame as a basis of success, she has created a very successful business. Starting off as a fashion stylist, she and her sister opened up a clothing store called DAS. She has also launched that into a high end fashion line in conjunction with fashion house Bebe; an Armenian-inspired jewelry line;  a shoe company (; a fitness DVD, and most recently her own brand of perfume.

    In the interview, Kim mentioned that she is often indecisive and will ask her Twitter followers for their opinion, whether it be about what color nail polish she should use or design concepts for the bottle for her new perfume.  She said that involving her followers made her more accessible. It allows them to relate to her more easily and feel like they are a part of what she is doing.

    This is the key. Crowdsurfing is great for gathering opinions and thoughts, but it is also an excellent way to allow people to feel that they are playing a role in your decisions.  It keeps your audience involved and turns them into active participants. However, if you ask your followers for their thoughts and opinions and then completely ignore them, you will have accomplished the opposite of what you set out to do. If you are not actually interested in people’s opinions, then don’t ask.

    Below is the short video interview from the Today Show – enjoy.

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Shop till you Tweet!…Black Friday on social media

    Twitter bird tweeting the dollar sign

    Black Friday is notoriously the biggest shopping day of the year and social media will not be excluded as a participant. But how is social media promoting it? Black Friday ads, Black Friday sales, Black Friday shopping! Are you shopping your tweets? Tweeting your shopping?

    All you have to do is search “Black Friday” and you will see all the websites that are collecting sales information to become your personal Black Friday clearing house.  However, websites are not the only way you can learn about the special deals.  In fact, they might not even be the best way.

    The best way to find some of the Black Friday deals might just be through Facebook and Twitter.

    Many storeslike Staples and Walmart have been leaking their Black Friday deals over Twitter and Facebook for days, getting their friends and followers primed for shopping deal bonanzas.

    If you search #blackfriday you will find an unending stream of tweets about deals and savings you can find online and in stores.  There is even a twitter account that is streaming Black Friday deals from all over the web and the twitterverse, @blackfriday.

    If you do a search on Facebook for Black Friday you will not only find some pages that are listing sales but you will see what  Black Friday posts your friends are making.  This is actually a great way to see what deals your friends are sharing and what deals the pages you like are offering,

    Many pages have been posting Black Friday deals, but because of the newsfeed optimization, or the time you get on your facebook, there are posts you might be missing.  Do a search for Black Friday and see what your friends and the pages you like have been offering.

    If you are up for a shopping excursion, this may be the best way to find the best deals that are actually relevant to you.

    Of course, outside of access to really cool deals, this is a great opportunity as a business to expand your reach and test your marketing.  Offering deals to twitter and Facebook fans is a great way to grow your network and test the efficacy of your reach.

    …and if you didn’t do it for Black Friday you still have time for Cyber Monday!

    Personal Branding: Value of a Curmudgeon

    A curmudgeon is someone who is bad-tempered and difficult to deal with.  Though someone who is a curmudgeon in real life might be a pain in the tuchus, that same person might have an edge online.  What it comes down to is: if you are branding yourself, you need to consciously choose and develop your personality.

    When you start a business or career path that is centered around your skills, you need to decide whether you are going to brand the business or brand yourself. Branding yourself is about creating an image and a voice.  The voice of a business, even if it is playful and snarky, will still need to sound professional.  Establishing good client relations, a strong reputation and an air of expertise are foremost.

    If it is you that you are branding, then establishing a personality becomes foremost.  Many people will establish their persona before they establish their expertise.  Your personality becomes your bait for luring people to you, whether they be clients or fans.

    So you must be clear about the personality you want to create.  Who do you want to be? Because once you brand your personality, for the most part you are stuck with it…good or bad.  It becomes the role you play.

    If you are branding yourself , give serious consideration to who is the you that you are branding.  Establish that and make it a cornerstone of your marketing and PR efforts.

    Examples of branded personalities:

    • Rachel Ray – peppy to the point of obnoxious
    • Chris Brogan -The king of social media,  simultaneously laid back and motivated, constant source of information
    • Mari Smith – The queen of personal branding, she is energetic, excited, happy and motivated!
    • Carrot Top – obnoxious, in your face, self deprecating comedian.

    10 Reasons you might want to change the name of your Facebook Page

    Girl fromt the 1950's typing on a typewriter and the paper says Facebook

    One of the biggest frustrations that people have with Facebook Pages is that Facebook has the name of your page set in stone. When you are creating a new page it will tell you to be careful with your name choice, because once it is set you cannot change it.

    Most of us think this is fine at the time. But many people experience frustration down the road, when they realize they might wish to or need to change the name.

    Here are 10 reasons why you might want to change the name of your Facebook Page.

    1. You notice a grammatical error
    2. You thought you were being clever and realize later that you weren’t
    3. Your company changed its name
    4. You named your page after your motto and you changed your motto
    5. Your name is location based and you move
    6. You think that you have to have a location in your name, and then figure out that you don’t
    7. You have a date in the name and it expired, but your page didn’t
    8. You realized that you used a foreign swear word
    9. You realize that having F*$% in the title of your page is not the best idea ever
    10. The name of your page is a paragraph long

    If you recognize something on this list, or have some other reason, you may be able to breathe easier. Facebook is testing a new interface for admins of pages that will allow you to change the name of your page.  Right now it is in beta mode and has not been released to all users.  The catch is that you can only change if you are a relatively new page. So if you have thousands of likes, then you are still out of luck for now.  But if you were really excited to get your page up and then realized that your name is not exactly how you want it to be, you’ll be able to fix it.

    What isn’t clear yet is what will be the “cut-off” before you are not allowed to edit your name.

    Am I living in the status quo?

    hand holding a sign that says "I am living in the status quo"

    I was talking to a friend of mine recently who is very smart and very talented.  She is getting ready to ramp up her business, and therefore her marketing strategy.  She said her biggest block to taking the next step forward was fear. Fear was filling her with self doubt – making her question herself, her skills and her professional status.

    • Am I good enough?
    • What makes me qualified?
    • Do I really know better than anyone else?
    • What makes me an expert?

    These are question we often ask ourselves, especially when we are breaking out of our comfort zone. Are you are taking on a new project? Maybe a new client with a new challenge?  Expanding your business? Putting yourself out there? It boils down to breaking out of your comfort zone.

    Living in the Status Quo

    This is what we worked for, right? Being in a spot that’s comfortable, where we know what to expect.  The place where everyone knows our name and our routine works for us.  So how did we end up at Cheers?  CRAP! I am living in the status quo!

    Living in the status quo is easy, but have you asked yourself if this is where you truly want to be?  Are you really happy? Really satisfied?  Should you, could you do more? Do better?  Never be afraid to question. It is when we question ourselves that we find our growth.

    Status quo might be nice for a while, a respite after a period of growth, but probably not the place you want to settle into. Most of us still want to grow our businesses. We want more, bigger, different.   If more is on your horizon then what is stopping you and your inner entrepreneur?

    Fear, most likely. Are you ready to face your fear of change? Are you afraid to move forward? What do you think you want? What do you really want?

    Tomorrow’s post talks about challenging your fear!

    #unfollowme – Relationship Value on Twitter

    The current keyword trending on Twitter is #unfollowme where people are discussing the reasons why you should unfollow them.  At first when I saw this topic I just chuckled, but then I started thinking about it and got curious what was being said.

    Twitter updates from the #unfollow me hashtag trend

    In certain ways this is the layman’s discussion about a common topic in social media. The value of Twitter relationships and how people use it for meaningful engagement.

    The above image is just a sampling of the tweets, but they cover some of the wider spread issues.

    1. You are only interested in getting followers and not in engaging with your followers
    2. You think that a follow means a relationship- like any relationship, it takes work
    3. You think everything is about you, whether it is you tweeting or someone else
    4. You are scattered and have no POV
    5. You are not actually interested, or like, the person you are following

    Ultimately the common thread for these tweets is that if you want to have real relationships on twitter, it takes real engagement and genuine interest. It is about the conversation which means talking to someone else. Retweeting their tweets. Responding to their posts. Writing back.  Knowing and being interested in who they are.

    You could imagine that many of the tweets for #unfollow me would be much the same as #followme.

    1. #followme if you like having conversations
    2. #followme if you want to have a twitter relationship
    3. #followme if you share information
    4. #followme if you have a distinct point of view
    5. #followme if you are actually interested in me

    So what is your #follow me tweet?