Women are bad Entrepreneurs? Speak for yourself! Part 2

Continuation from Women are bad Entrepreneurs? Speak for yourself! Part 1 I asked Smith College Alumnae to share their thoughts about the article by Penelope Trunk in Techcrunch that claims that women are bad at startup's because of kids.  The post is inflammatory to say the least.  Here is a … [Read more...]

Project Junkie pt. 2: Productivity Checklist

Matt Mansfield wrote a great post about being a project junkie. He admitted his project addiction and bravely took credit for it and all the professional chaos it can cause. It is my turn. I too am a project junkie. I get excited about things and then just dive in feet first. But as a … [Read more...]

Unselfish Blogging: Building Traffic and Relationships

Blogs tend to be very “me”-centric. I am writing about me or about my business and giving you my advice. This does not mean that I am not providing great advice, of course - there are a lot of great blogs filled with information. But you will still often see the blog proprietor as the primary … [Read more...]

Dumbing Down Your Writing

In a few discussions recently the question, “Are Twitter and Facebook damaging people’s quality of communication?” has come up. I think this is good question. Twitter limits your speech to 140 characters. Facebook has no limit, but if you write too much, no one reads it. And blogs, everyone … [Read more...]

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I am a bit believer that my opinion is not the only one that matters.  I want to hear your thoughts and perspective.  I always hear about people looking for opportunities to guest blog.  Well, HERE IT IS!  Send me your blog post! Possible Topics: Social Media PR Reputation … [Read more...]

Build it and they still may not come: You “liked” my blog but did you read it?

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Blogging is one of the best ways to speak in depth about your area of expertise.  It is a way your audience can get to know you and your brilliance!  But if no one is reading your blog then your brilliance is wasted. Marketing is only successful if you are able to reach your audience.  A blog … [Read more...]