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Facebook: It’s a Group Thing!

Cats talking about Facebook

In the beginning of October, Facebook updated their groups. This was a departure from tradition – these new groups greatly increased functionality and usability.

Your groups are now in your left side menu, so you can easily access them and  see if there are any new updates. By clicking on the group you can simply post updates, share links and photos and generally interact with them.  New privacy setting make the creation of completely public or totally private groups easy to set up and manage.

A month has passed, and the improved functionality is beginning to take hold.  People are starting to transition groups over to Facebook. I have had a few of my message boards move their primary communication to Facebook Groups. New groups are forming that previously did not gain traction and are now becoming highly interactive.

These groups are becoming real resources and will be valuable for business because you can include people who are not in your friends list. This means that you can significantly increase your networking reach.  The privacy settings also allow you to establish exclusivity, if your group needs it. You can even create ads for your groups.

Groups are creating a new forum for engagement for people on Facebook; interest-specific and designed for you.  If you have a lot of friends, this is a great way to communicate with segments of interest-centric friend circles. Can’t find a group that meets your needs? Create one!

The new Facebook groups are the social clubs inside Facebook.