SEO Killer! Google is the Primary Suspect


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the primary way to drive traffic to your website. It is what facilitates you coming up in search results and therefore facilitates people going to your website. But Google might be trying to kill your SEO. SEO primarily operates from the use of keywords. These … [Read more...]

Google+ for Everyone!

Google Plus

Google+ has finally released its stronghold on exclusivity. For the first few months of the social networks life, it has been an exclusive club. The world was divided between the invited and the non-invites. Well, the world for people who cared. The invite only policy did create some buzz … [Read more...]

My RSS Feed is Gone!!

I was doing some basic maintenance on my blogsite and suddenly realized that my RSS feed subscribers dropped down to zero.  You can imagine my "WHAT THE F*%$!!!!" reaction.  Once I got a grip, I decided to leave it for a day to see if maybe it was just some horrible dream.  So I came back and … [Read more...]