Women are bad Entrepreneurs? Speak for yourself! Part 2

Continuation from Women are bad Entrepreneurs? Speak for yourself! Part 1 I asked Smith College Alumnae to share their thoughts about the article by Penelope Trunk in Techcrunch that claims that women are bad at startup's because of kids.  The post is inflammatory to say the least.  Here is a … [Read more...]

Project Junkie Pt. 3: Brilliant! now what?

Once I get through first four questions on the Project Junkie Checklist I move on to the next phase of the check list: 5. Is it worth my time? meaning, will it turn into something useful and productive? 6. Is it really as brilliant as I think?  I come up with some GREAT ideas that often are … [Read more...]

Project Junkie pt. 2: Productivity Checklist

Matt Mansfield wrote a great post about being a project junkie. He admitted his project addiction and bravely took credit for it and all the professional chaos it can cause. It is my turn. I too am a project junkie. I get excited about things and then just dive in feet first. But as a … [Read more...]

Grow your buiness slowly: Patience is a Virtue

How virtuous do I need to be? When you are growing your business, you receive tons of advice. One of my favorite pieces of advice is “Be patient”. I know that if I am working hard and putting my efforts into developing my business that it will grow. The more people I interact with the more … [Read more...]

How badly do you want to succeed?

How badly do you want to succeed? Many of us are entrepreneurs, self starters, business owners, self-employed, freelancers, independent contract, enterprisers, linchpins, and go getters. Some of us have business degrees. Some have MBA’s. Some of us have worked in an industry for 20 years and … [Read more...]