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The Evolution of Engagement

Today I received a comment on a post I wrote about MySpacefrom a guy named Spencer Kline.  I appreciated his positive feedback and responded to his comment.  I then noticed that he started following me on Twitter.  Since I had just interacted with him, I recognized who he was. I followed him back and tweeted about his comment.

Later that day I got a trackback to my post about MySpace.  An interesting post was referenced that linked to me. The post was called MySpace’s Future.

Since they were nice enough to link me in their post, I thought I would comment on it. So I did.  Though this was a new blog for me, I did not spend the time to explore it just then.  I didn’t even look at the URL. Blame it on being sick, being busy with projects, being lazy, who knows.

A little while later I got an email that someone responded to my comment.  Lo and behold it was Spencer Kline.  So I realized that he was likely the author of the blog.  I hopped back over to the site and dug in a little deeper.  Not only is he the author, it is his blog! Which if I had bothered to look at the URL I would have immediately realized, But, lazy, sick, busy..blah blah.

Once I FINALLY made the connection, it was a wonderful AHA moment.  What a wonderful circle of connection. He read my post. Commented. I commented back. He followed me. I followed him. He linked me. I commented. He commented back. I link him!

All of this happened within the span of a few hours. It is perfect!

Protected Tweets are bad for business

twitter bird behind jail baars

I recently went to re-tweet someone’s post and received a warning:

Warning: This tweet is from a protected user

I was taken aback!  This is someone who is in the public eye. Why on earth would they protect their tweets?

If you are wondering what a protected tweet is, it is essentially a private profile on Twitter.  It means that only approved people can see your tweets.

This is fine if you are just an individual and you don’t want the bots to get you, or the porn spam, or the regular spam. Maybe you tweet content that you don’t want certain people to see, or content that you only want to share with some people.

However, if you are a public figure or just using your Twitter for business, then having protected tweets is counter-productive. Your goal is to get people to follow you. Increasing your followers, increasing participation and improving your business networking opportunities are all centered around interactions.  If people can’t interact with you, or even see your posts, then what is the point?

Because I am on the “approved” list, I can see this person’s tweets.  But this tweep just missed a networking opportunity. I was going to re-tweet something interesting and engaging.  Maybe some of my followers would have started following this person because I facilitated an introduction.

I could have decided to re-tweet anyway. However, it would have only been visible to the other people who follow this person. So I abstained.

Re-tweet lost. Networking lost. Opportunity lost.

What a shame.