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Whatever you do don’t do this! …on Social Media

Trust is an essential part of being a social media manager. In fact, it is cornerstone. When you are managing people’s social media, you are doing more than just tweeting or posting on Facebook. You are acting as their voice, their persona. You are representing them to the online world. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

As a social media manager you have access to private information, to passwords, possibly even real life friend connections. What you do online can boost a brand or career or harm it.  This is the same as all forms of marketing. A bad campaign can do brand damage just like bad PR or bad social media. But in the social-verse it is significantly easier to to damage very quickly. Conversely it is significantly easier to boost someones image and improve their reputation.

However, the dangers of a social media presence are active for anyone using social media. The benefit to using a social media manager is that they are extremely cautious about what they say and how they represent your brand. They err on the side of caution both for your brand management and in regard to the rules and regulations of the various social networks. The great thing about a social media manager is that they will be aware of the ever changing developments, trends, and social taboos.

But for those of you who do not use a manager, you need to be cautious and thoughtful about what you post and tweet.

Whatever you do, don’t do this!

  1. Don’t post your email address. This is just asking for spam and viruses. Plus you don’t know who is going to see that number.
  2. Don’t post your home address. With Foursquare being as popular as it is, this is a really easy thing to accidentally do. But if you post your home address you are telling everyone where you live…exactly. Better to play it safe.
  3. Don’t share you password with anyone other than you social media manager.
  4. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your mom to hear. People get into more trouble because they forget that their posts are visible to the entire world.
  5. Don’t post pictures you wouldn’t want your mom to see.  (Wiener, are you paying attention?).