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Is Facebook Censoring Your Fan Page?

Peering over the Facebook Fan Page Wall

What do people see when they look at your Fan Page wall? Hint: it probably isn't the most recent post.

The new Facebook Fan Page overhaul was unleashed on the world last Friday. Now that we are finally past all the glitz and glamour of the new features, we can look at the one big glaring problem.

The Wall.

Is Facebook censoring your Fan Page? Yes and no. It is not actually censorship per se, it is their new algorithm sorting your posts and choosing which ones get face time on the wall and which ones don’t.  Why is this not censorship? Because the choice is based off popularity, not the type of post.

People are noticing

As more people are switching their pages over from the old format to the new they are starting to notice a problem with the wall. Not all posts are visible, and the posts that are showing up are not in chronological order.

Triangle Ranch Facebook Post about the Fan Page wall issues

Triangle X Ranch is a ranch in Wyoming. They have an active Fan Page and share many beautiful pictures.  As a former Wyoming resident (Gillette, in case you are wondering), their pics tug at my nostalgic heart strings.  And though the images make me happy, I’m still glad I don’t have to live in -20 degree weather for half the year, lol.

Since the change over to the new Fan Page, Triangle X Ranch fans have started to notice that their posts are not showing up on the wall. Many people are wondering if this is a glitch. Unfortunately it is not.

The new Fan Page has an algorithm in it that displays the posts on your wall in the order that Facebook deems the most popular, instead of showing everything in chronological order.

How do they define popular?

Good question.  We don’t know yet.  New Fan Pages that do not have many page views or interactions are also having their posts sorted, even if there is no “popular” post yet.

What can you do?

Unfortunately not much. You can restrict your wall view to only showing posts by your Fan Page. This means that any fan interaction would be hidden from public view.  Personally I do not think this is a good option.  Fan posts are important for growing your network and building your community.

So, if you don’t want to restrict your wall there really is nothing you can do.  The official rollout of the new Fan Page is happening in March. Hopefully, Facebook will listen to our complaints and fix the wall (which never needed fixing in the first place).

Anyone out there posting to Facebook about this yet? Let us know.