The Slut, The Politician and The Broken Record…..Which Type of Entrepreneur are You?

Any athlete out there understands the fine art of ‘finishing’. You can run the best mile splits of your life, but if you forget to cross the finish line, you won’t win the race. You can end the first half up 100 points, but if you don’t come back after half time, the game will be forfeited. No … [Read more...]

Top 3 Online Tools You Need to Track Your Social Media Growth

Tracking your Social Media

Social media is becoming increasingly important as a way for businesses to connect with buyers, prospects, and the market. As social media grows, it will become critical for businesses to brand themselves and build relationships as part of the sales and marketing process. Social media marketing can … [Read more...]

War, the Marketing Strategy

There is often a parallel between business strategies and war strategies. Many of the same rules apply in both business and combat. Reaching your customer requires a concise strategy that includes all available resources, from email marketing to direct contact. The business is, after all, competing … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian Crowdsurfs Twitter as a Business Strategy

Last week I was drinking my morning coffee when I saw a brief interview on the Today Show with Kim Kardashian.  Matt Lauer was talking to her about her personal brand-based empire. Though they did not focus on it, Kim shared that she often crowdsurfed Twitter to make both personal and business … [Read more...]

My Business IS Personal: Emotional Involvement and Success

New business ventures are extremely personal. It doesn’t really matter what your business is, because in the beginning it is all you. The success or failure of any enterprise is dependent on what you do. When we start something, be it a big project, a company, a new division or a partnership, it … [Read more...]