Branding the Sales Funnel


Something that you hear a lot of in social media is the idea of branding.  We also hear about branding in exclusion to sales. But is branding just a marketers excuse for not delivering the sale? What part of the sales funnel incorporates branding? Branding When a marketer isn't deliver the sale … [Read more...]

Social Media: The Ultimate Business Tool (part 1)

The Social Media Examiner released their Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Over this next week I will be sharing and analyzing it. Below is a summary of the top findings from the report: • Marketers place high value on social media: A significant 90% of marketers indicate that social media is … [Read more...]

The Softer Side of Facebook: Zuckerberg’s Puppy

From the start, Mark Zuckergberg had the air of a highly motivated genius who created a social network that became the definition of social networks.  Since its inception, Facebook has dominated the social networking world.  As it got bigger, people wanted to know more about the mastermind behind … [Read more...]

You have no control over your brand, embrace it!

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Every company wants to have complete control over their brand. You want to be able to control what is said about your brand, whether it is you or someone else saying it. This is precisely why some businesses are nervous about going into social media, because they do not have that control. … [Read more...]