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My name is John. I am your Spam Bot.

A robot saying: Hello my name is John Bot

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Since I started using a contact form instead of an email, I receive a barrage of spam every day.  I have invested some time into figuring out if there was an easy way to stop the spam and keep the form.  I settled on a compromise; keep the form and reduce the spam with a Captcha. However, in my battle with spam, I noticed something about the sender.

My spam bot is named John.

Every piece of spam I get is from John.  Sometimes it is John1 or John2, but it is always John. This is not his email address, but it’s the name that appears in the “From” field.

Who is this John?

  • A play on John Doe, the poster boy of anonymous.
  • On Wikipedia, John Bot is an automated tool used to do repetitive tasks.
  • On World of Warcraft (WoW) Farmer John Bot is an automated tool for auto-leveling.

Apparently John the Spam Bot has many different careers.  But lately he has been most active sending me nonsensical emails through my contact form.

I wonder if other people have spam bots with other names?  Is there something special about me that I have John the Spam Bot paying me such devoted attention? Or does he just get around to everyone’s email box?