Facebook Gives you Ad Money!

Facebook Free Money

If Facebook gives you money will you place an ad? Facebook ads have consistently under performed. For many businesses the ROI and click through rate have barely been worth the investment. Though as Facebook has improved their targeting features, the efficacy of the ads are starting to improve. Many … [Read more...]

Modern Mad Men: What’s in your Media Cocktail?

Mix. Layer. Repeat. Our culture has a love-hate affair with advertising. What was once an art reserved exclusively for the Ad Men of Madison Avenue (you’ve heard of Mad Men?) has deteriorated over the years, as savvy consumers get harder to reach. It’s an embarrassing cat-and-mouse game now, as … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Facebook and Foursquare with a Business Perspective

Pratik Dholakiya

For anyone who thinks Facebook and Foursquare only help you connect with friends and family – Here’s a secret. They do much more than that. Frankly, I wasn’t too excited about taking a look at the business angle of the two social networking staples. But, I simply couldn’t stop myself and I did take … [Read more...]

Want Exposure? Advertise your Facebook Group!

Facebook groups have significantly increased their functionality, and one of the best new features is the ability to grow your networks.  You can have people who are not in your friend network be a part of your group.  The best way to do this is to advertise your group. Facebook allows you to … [Read more...]