Someone said this really bad thing about you…Twitter Phishing Scam

Phishing on TwitterIf you have a Twitter account then you have likely gotten and DM that is trying to phish your account. Right now there is one main phishing scam that seems to being plaguing most people on Twitter and is wearing a number of different faces. What has been making this scam so successful is that it is appealing to peoples sense of personal privacy and curiosity.

Have you received one of these:

Is this you in this blog? …http://tiny.ul/847IN6

There is a really bad picture of you in this blog… http://tiny.ul/847IN6

There is a really bad video of you… http://tiny.ul/847IN6

Why did you say that about me in that blog?…http://tiny.ul/847IN6

Why did you post that bad photo of me?…http://tiny.ul/847IN6

Someone said this really bad thing about you…http://tiny.ul/847IN6

So you get the idea. The content of the DM is designed to make you curious or to make you feel as though someone might be threatening your online privacy. For many people their need to protect their online reputation overrides the need to be cautious of unfamiliar links.

When you click the link it takes you to a site that looks like your Twitter login. When you enter your information you have just given your login and password to the hackers and then they send out that same DM to every person you follow.

Because they are sending it to all your followers the chance that they will click the link is better, because it is coming from a trusted source…you.  Though currently they are only sending out DMs, if they have access to your account they could also use it to post tweets. Those tweets could contain links with viruses, or send them to spam sites, or just be generally inappropriate.

If you do click the link, change your password immediately and post a tweet that tells your followers that you got phished and to ignore any DMs.

Play it on the safe side, don’t click any links you don’t know.

Amy Winehouse Dies and Trends

Amy Winehouse died Saturday morning, from what is likely an overdose. She is the bluesy singer famous for her deep voice and “brazen” lyrics. Though by the end of her life she was almost more known for her drug and alcohol problem than her music. Though her infamous song “rehab” did seem to portend the underlying issues that lead to her early death. Her performance in Belgrade was caught smartphone cameras and immediately reached viral video status as the world watched her slur and stumble through what was ultimately her final performance.

The day that Amy’s death was reported, she again made the viral news. Twitter and Facebook were a buzz with discussion and sad goodbyes to the young talent. The hashtag #AmyWinehouse immediately started trending.

Other hashtags and keywords that were trending in conjunction with #AmyWinehouse was #27club and Keith Richards. The #27club was an obvious one, because she is another musician that died at the age of 27. However, the cultural link to Keith Richards was an interesting leap. Richards was being referenced in relation to Winehouse generally in amazement that Keith has not overdosed, yet Amy did. Despite the brevity of the subject, it was a frequent reference.

Keith Richards Amy Winehouse Tweet

Another trend that was being fed by Amy Winehouse was the hashtag #goplankintraffic. Though a totally disconnected hashtag that is referring to the sport “planking”, many people were making comments about the overall Twitter response and using the #goplankintraffic hashtag as an expletive to express outrage.

#goplankintrafficA disturbing trend was the use of Winehouses user name in a way that was trying to make it look like Amy was still tweeting, and therefore not dead.

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Though you could easily go to her account and see that she had not tweeted since July 15th. Regardless, it does make me question why people want to feed into the rumor that she is not actually dead. Likely they are trying to see if they can capitalize on the existing trend and create confusion, though no one really seemed to latch onto the “in poor taste” tweets.

Army of Eggs! Twitter Users Not Able to Upload Profile Pics

Article first published as Army of Eggs! Twitter Users Can’t Upload Profile Pics on Technorati.

When Twitter disables the ability to upload a profile pic.

What is an army of eggs?
Tuesday afternoon Twitter posted that their profile image upload function was temporarily unavailable.

Twitter Support Tweet

They posted an update Wednesday morning stating that their engineers were working on the issue and expect to have it resolved later today.

This is a relatively small glitch in the Twitter machine.  For most Twitter users this was not be an issue. However for people creating new accounts, this was causing confusion and frustration.

On Yahoo Questions people were asking about not being able to add or change their profile image.  Many were blaming the “new” Twitter for the problem, stating they hated the “new” Twitter.

This small glitch was creating a small army of new profiles with only Eggs for their profile image.  Many of the new accounts experiencing this issue may not realize that this was simply a glitch and they would be able to change their profile image soon. How many people will end up keeping their Egg profile pic because they don’t realize they can change it?

This is a problem for networking and engagement. Many people will not follow an egg because they think that it is spam or a bot and many are not interested in talking to eggs for the same reason.

In March Twitter said that they had an average of 460,000 new accounts created daily. So that is nearly half a million eggs. Maybe the small glitch is not so small.

The problem was fixed in a little over 24 hours.

Twitter Support Tweet

3 Easy Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter Bird

Sometimes tweeting isn't enough. If you want to grow your followers you have to strategically grow your network.

Are looking for a way to get Twitter followers? Keep reading! In this article, I will share with you three proven strategies for gaining a large and loyal following on Twitter. Best of all, using these strategies won’t cost you a dime!

A Word About Software:

I’m aware that there are a lot of software programs out there that claim to help you increase your following. These programs might sound wonderful, but you should know that they are very risky. In most cases, such programs are against Twitter’s terms of service and, if you get caught using one, you could lose your account. Don’t take the risk — stick with the tips instead!

How I Developed My Strategies:

A few short years ago, I didn’t really get the “Twitter” thing? I certainly didn’t understand how to increase Twitter followers either, but I decided to give it a fair shot. After a lot of experimenting and learning as I went, I now have a loyal following of 5,403 individuals, and it’s growing every day!

I’ve boiled my experiences and what I’ve learned down into these three easy strategies. They’ve worked for me, and I know that they will work for you as well. No matter what you’re promoting – anything from reclining lift chairs to dental services to Joovy Caboose strollers, you can use Twitter and my strategies to do so successfully.

Strategy #1 Syndicate an Online Newspaper

My first strategy on how to get more Twitter followers is incredibly easy and effective. All you have to do is syndicate an online newspaper based on a Twitter list, a user, or a keyword. Then you set it to publish daily to your Twitter following.

I created my newspaper, The Guest Blogging Daily, with, my Twitter account, and one of the Twitter lists. You can view my newspaper at to see what I mean.

Words really can’t express how much I love!

Creating your paper with is very simple. In fact, the whole process is completely automatic. The site will post directly to your Twitter when the daily paper is released, and it will tweet your following on its own.

The contributing authors will be tweeted as each newspaper is published. A great deal of these contributing authors will become your followers but, what’s more, is that they will also retweet the newspaper to their followers. As you can imagine, this brings in tons of new followers for you!

So, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. I encourage you to start your very own newspaper today. Pick a topic that will be of interest to your followers and then let your imagination go wild! The entire process can be done quickly, and you’ll start getting results right away!

Strategy #2 Become a Valued Guest Writer

Did you know that many sites – this one included- are always looking for guest writers aka guest bloggers? By becoming a guest blogger for a well visited site, you can make yourself known to a whole new group of people and find new followers for your Twitter.

For the best results, however, make sure you’re a good guest blogger! This means you have to provide useful information to your readers, and you have to interact with them as much as possible. Respond to the comments they leave and be generally helpful, and they’ll be much more likely to follow you on Twitter.

Remember that it’s up to you to ask your readers to follow you! The best way to extend the invitation is in the author bio section of the site. If you’re ready to find a whole new group of followers, then start guest blogging today!

Strategy # 3 Put Your Thank You Page to Work

Talk about saving the best for last – my final strategy is so incredibly easy and so very effective that you won’t believe you never thought of it. I actually have my friend, Joshua Sloan, to thank for it. Joshua was the VP of Internet Marketing for 1&1 hosting, the largest and fastest growing hosting company.

When I tried out Joshua’s strategy, it started working for me right away, and I’ve never looked back! All you have to do is set it up so that when someone fills in your option form (the form used to subscribe to your newsletter, to get a free report, etc.), they are sent to a thank you page.

This thank you page is where you include an invitation to follow you on Twitter. The reason this almost always works is because the person who has filled out your form obviously wants to hear more from you and has trusted you enough to give up a name and email. It stands to reason then that if you ask, that person will follow you on Twitter.

Get to Work:

So now that you know and understand my three strategies for getting more followers on Twitter, it’s time to get out there and put them to work. Remember, if you’re truly committed to carrying out these strategies, they will work for you! Even if you’re selling reclining lift chairs, dental services, or a Bumbleride Indie twin stroller, these strategies are proven and guaranteed to work!

About James

James Martell discovered the lucrative world of affiliate marketing in 1999. He is a self-taught Internet entrepreneur and a leading expert in affiliate marketing, outsourcing and SEO. James is the host of the “Affiliate Buzz”, the first and longest running affiliate marketing podcast. James is the host of the “Affiliate Marketers SUPER BootCamp”, a popular affiliate marketing training series well known for turning affiliate newbies into success stories. James resides in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada with Arlene and their 4 children.

Keeping up with the Joneses..Tips to keep up on Twitter

black and white image of a 1930's woman on 2 telephones

How many conversations can you keep track of? I bet it is more than you realize

One of the biggest struggles for people when they start using Twitter is keeping up with the conversations.

Many people when they start using Twitter will follow everyone and monitor their entire Twitter experience from the newsfeed. This is a sure fire way to overwhelm yourself. There are tricks you can use to follow conversations and keep track of what is being talked about.

I follow nearly 3000 people on my primary Twitter account. Yes, I said primary. Between all of my Twitter accounts I follow roughly 13,000 people.  There is no way I could read everything being tweeted.

Tips for Following Conversations

Make Lists: Lists are a great way to manage your twitter following. This is a free tool on Twitter. You can create a list for anything and you can create as many as you like. I have lists for friends, topics, interests and even a random list that is my catch-all for interesting tweeties.

Go to Twitter, create a list and then add the people you follow to these lists.

Why is this easier?  Because you can then view your list like your newsfeed. You can see all the tweets from the people on this list, and only the people on this list. This makes reading your Twitter feed much more manageable. Plus the lists help you view your tweeties by topic.

Follow Hashtags: Following hashtags are a great way to follow what is being said about a specific topic or trend.  It is super easy to follow any hashtag. All you have to do is click the tag in a tweet and it will pull up every person who is tweeting and using that tag.

You can also run a search for hashtags or keyword and it will pull up search results that show people using those tags and keyword.

Show Conversation: When you really start talking to a lot of people and tweeting frequently, it is easy to get lost in conversations. Especially if a fair amount of time (like an hour) since you tweeted and they commented.  Twitter allows you to see the conversation between people. If you click on the tweet, Twitter will open up the conversation surrounding that tweet. This will let you see what they were commenting on or responding too. Essentially allowing you to view your conversation and get a reminder of what was being said.

Using lists, hashtags and show conversation will make it much easier to manage your Twitter conversations. But the old adage, “practice makes perfect”, definitely applies. The more you tweet the easier keeping track of the conversations will be.

Ultimately we keep track of many conversations in our head all the time, we just don’t think about it.  We talk to friends and family on the phone. We talk to people in person. When we see someone it is not uncommon to resume a conversation from months ago.  Socially we have trained ourselves to compartmentalize these conversations in our head and hold them for indefinite periods of time.

Conversations in social media are much the same. Now it is a matter of socializing your brain for another set of conversations.

5 Tips for Live Tweeting

I am totally tweeting thisEvents and conferences are the perfect places to tweet live. It is a great way to share your experiences with your followers and get people more involved with what you are doing. Live tweeting also shows that you are relevant and active in current events, and not someone who only tweets in retrospect. Additionally, it is good way to network with others at the conference.

  1. Hashtags– Most events will have hashtags associated with them. Use that tag on all your tweets from the event. This will let people know what you are tweeting about, and where you are tweeting from. Plus, other people from the conference will be able to see your tweets and you might be able to set up some networking opportunities.
  2. Tell People– Let people know that you will be live tweeting. Anyone who is interested in the show, but not there, will be likely to follow your tweets to get a first hand account of what is happening.
  3. Share your pics!– Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words and Twitter is limited to 140 characters. Pics are a great way to share your experiences, and tools like TwitPic are great for posting your pics on Twitter.
  4. Archive your tweets– Keep a copy of all your tweets from the event by archiving the hashtag. A great app for this is Twapper Keeper – they will track a hashtag for you and create an archive you can access later. This is great for blogging or reviewing all the convos happening from the show when you have more time to look at what other people were saying.
  5. Live in the now– Don’t get so caught up in tweeting that you take yourself away from what is happening. Use tools like speech to text to help you type. But mainly, make sure that you are enjoying what is happening right now, because as great as live tweeting is, you can always write about it later!

Twitter gets fancy with some new updates

Twitter has just announced a new feature. You now have the ability to see your friends’ timelines. Essentially what this does is let you see what your friends see when they login to their Twitter.  The argument for this is that if you are following an influencer you might be interested in the type of tweets they are interested in, in order to expand your network or learn from their Twitter style. The reality is that most of the people who are considered influencers follow a lot of people, so it is unlikely that they use their primary timeline for monitoring their feed. They more likely use lists to follow the people they are truly interested in.

List are something you have always been able to view, unless the person has set the list as private.  So in essence, you have always been able to see the feeds of the people in your influencers’ timelines, or at least the ones they pay attention to.

The new “friends timeline” feature is being rolled out slowly across Twitter. Most people do not have it yet and as more people get it I am sure we will start seeing some feedback.

Fancy Twitter BirdThis is the third big announcement from Twitter in the past week.

Earlier this week they announced the acquisition of Tweetdeck, a third party app that is used for managing your Twitter account. Tweetdeck is a favorite among marketers, promoters and companies that need to monitor multiple Twitter streams. It is great for monitoring engagement and lists. In fact, I use it!

Twitter also changed their email notifications to be more robust. Now when someone mentions you or gives you a retweet, Twitter will send you a notification to let you know. It is great to be able to keep up with your Twitter via email, though if you are like me and don’t like your inbox being filled with notifications, I would suggest turning off the option in your Twitter settings.

So it was a big week in the Twitterverse, but for many of us these changes are not really affecting the way we will continue our engagement. But it did answer the question about why so many people were having issues with their Twitter, like their profiles not showing any tweets or showing no followers…it was all due to the updates. Now they are done and hopefully things will return to business as usual.