SM Cubed, who we are and what we do

SM Cubed consulting is a professional and experienced social media firm. We focus on building business through building relationships. Integrating engagement marketing strategy, enables us to broaden and deepen your social network base.  Creating both quantity and quality of networks within your social media strata.  With quality relationships we are able to engage viral marketing, increased word of mouth, create conversion clientele and supporters, and  increase your overall social media ROI (return on investment) through real time deliverables.

We have a special focus on public figures and personalized brand management.  We have worked, and consulted, with many politicians throughout New Mexico and have established ourselves as the leading political social media firm in New Mexico. We have also worked with public figures in the private sector, such as well known bloggers, artists and business people.

Every client receives engaged personal attention.  Through active client relationships we are able to keep on top of both existing and new goals.  Our close client relationships allow for us to maintain high levels of client satisfaction and support.  We are here to not only implement a highly effective social media strategy but to provide support and training to teach you how maintain success over the long term.

SM Cubed maintains high standards when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.  Some clients prefer to remain confidential, or have highly sensitive accounts that require confidentiality in information. SM Cubed is able to provide security and discretion when it comes to sensitive account and client information.

Primary Strategist

Lauren MacEwenLauren MacEwen is the primary strategist and creator of SM Cubed Consulting.  She has her Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Smith College and her Masters of Business (MBA) from Arizona State University, the W.P. Carey School of Business. After working for Disney Publishing for 3 1/2 years, Lauren decided to branch out on her own and started consulting in social media in an official capacity.

Since that time she has been active in the Social Media community, forging relationships with national and international social media firms,  communities and strategists.  She has been asked to guest blog on numerous top industry specific blogs, as well as top topic blogs such as technology, business development and politics. She is also a speaker on social media topics and has done public speaking engagements as well as radio interviews. Lauren has also been a part of application testing groups for emergent social media technology.  Other members of the groups consisted of developers from Paypal and Facebook.

Lauren is a speaker on social media, blogging and social media as the new business model.  She often participates in collaborative panels with other experts. Her speaking is both engaging and informative.

Lauren has a unique way of implementing social media strategy that combines the use of technology, and engagement strategy for relationship building. Her multifaceted approach delivers fast and powerful results.

For more information about SM Cubed please contact us.