How to get more Twitter followers (Ethically & Organically)

twitter follow mePeople always want to know how to get more followers. Many people ask if they should buy followers? The answer to that question is definitely no. Buying followers does not get you anything but numbers. No engagement. No link clicking. No retweets. It does nothing for you.  Organic followers are always the best followers. But how do you get people to follow you?

  1. Have interesting tweets.
    This means tweeting more than your breakfast or pictures of your cat. You have interesting things to say, observations on life and general commentary. So don’t just think them, post them on Twitter.
  2. Follow other people
    When you follow people, they will often follow you back.
  3. Retweet
    When you see something you like, share it by retweeting it. This is a great way to tell them that you like their tweet and can open up further conversations. Plus your followers will appreciate it when you share interesting content from across the twitterverse.
  4. Jump into conversations
    There are a lot of interesting conversations happening across Twitter. If you see one, jump in. All you have to do is tweet to the people having the conversation. Add a few thoughts and you might make some new friends.
  5. Join a Twitter chat
    These are topic based discussions on Twitter. They are a great way to get involved in Twitter communities.

These are all great things that you can do. Interesting tweets. However these are not the only ways to get followers. Twiends, a Twitter user and app directory, has a great list of things you can do to ethically grow your Twitter following. Their recommendations are focused on cross platform and off twitter growth suggestions, such as webinars, Twitter widgets and blogging.

So if you are ready for your Twitter following to start growing faster, take a look at your engagement but then also look at the Twiends Guide for some off Twitter ideas.


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