Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio: A Marketing Bro-mance

Last year Old Spice made huge waves in the social marketing world with their Twitter campaign. The original campaign got 34.6 million views. Their new campaign modeled itself after the original but kept it fresh by bringing in Fabio as the challenger to the title of the official Old Spice Guy.

This new campaign has already gotten 22 million views on Youtube.

The Challenge:

The Twitter:

Like in the original Old Spice Guy Twitter campaign, the campaign is based around interaction with real twitter accounts. Here is one from @animalplanet where both Old Spice Guy and Fabio respond to the tweet.

The Story:

Old Spice Guy and Fabio did not just talk to big networks or famous people. They created videos for anyone who tweeted them, though obviously not everyone who tweeted them. The fact that they had video engagement with the public makes the brand, and the two of them as celebrities, seem accessible.

Beyond just answering questions on Twitter, they created a story line between Old Spice Guy and Fabio. At one point Fabio kidnaps Old Spice Guy and then replaces him with fake Old Spice Guys.

The story line continues, mixed in with more Twitter responses by Fake Old Spice Guy and Fabio, when the real Old Spice Guy has his dramatic return.

What is so excellent about the story line is they have added more depth to the marketing campaign. They are already creating interest by having a audience interactive contest between Old Spice Guy and Fabio. Then tapping into the highly successful and very funny model of the first Twitter based Old Spice campaign. By adding this additional level of drama and story line, it keeps the audience invested in the results of the story and the contest.

The Winner

The story and competition ended in a funny video that was both clever and campy.

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