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Twitter ADDThe problem with Twitter is that it can be a huge time suck.  Even if you do not have ADD you might find yourself distracted by every new and interesting shiny tweet. When I first got into Twitter, I found myself clicking links, following twitter profiles and looking at pics for hours. Every new person I found posted amazing links to interesting articles, videos and amazing pictures.  Before I knew it hours would have gone by in a blink. So how do you manage your Twitter ADD?

  1. Create Lists:
    Lists are a great way to categorize your Twitter feed. You can put people into lists (ie. groups) and make them topic related. For instance, I have a social media list and a friends list. This is a great way to keep on top of the information you really want to see and not have to sort through all the “other” tweets.
  2. Tasks
    Go through your twitter in tasks. The first thing I do is go through my DMs. Then I check my mentions, then I get back to everyone who was talking to me. After that I leave Twitter for an hour or so to get other work done, then come back and start going through my lists.
  3. Priorities
    You have to set your priorities for what you need to do. I have a lot of lists because I keep track of a lot of things.  But I only have a couple that are really important for me to look at everyday, and even multiple times a day. So if I am have a time constraint, I will only look at my high priority lists and come back to the others when I have more time.
  4. Twitter Will Wait
    Twitter is not a phone conversation. It is not an instant message, though sometimes it seems like it is.  You do not have to respond to every person who mentions you or gives you a retweet the very minute they retweet you.  You can come back hours later and continue your conversation.
  5. Turn off Email Notifications
    As great as it is getting an email every time someone follows you, mentions you, or sends you a DM, it is not a good use of your time. Turn them off! You can easily check all of these things when you log in to Twitter. The emails will just make you want to focus more of your time on Twitter and not on your other work. Let your time on Twitter be your time on Twitter.
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