4 Mobile Twitter Apps- 1 Winner

TwitBird Pro

Do you have a mobile Twitter app that you like? why?

I may have found a new favorite mobile Twitter app.  For most people they only tweet from one account.  So using something like the Twitter mobile or Hootsuite works just fine. I am what you would call a power user. I tweet from roughly a dozen twitter accounts.  How do I keep up with it all? Well, that is a different conversation. Because I am a power user I need an app that can keep up with me while I keep up with the Joneses.

Hootsuite Mobile

I was using this for a while. Their UI (user interface) was the most preferable. It was easy to go between account, add lists and searches, keep track of mentions, DMs and Retweets. But I was limited to 5 accounts. Beyond that I find the core account management of Hootsuite to be very limiting for a team.

So this was not sufficient for my needs.

Twitter Mobile

Um, yeah. This one was incredibly limited. It made retweeting really difficult as it was not allowing quoted retweets. A quoted retweet is where you comment on a tweet before you retweet it.  ie. Funny! @funnyman my cat is nuts! See her eat almonds The Funny! would be the quoted retweet part.  As I rarely retweet without a comment to promote engagement, this was an issue. Oh yeah, you can only tweet from one account. It is not a hub for multiple accounts.

No go.

Tweetdeck Mobile

I love Tweetdeck. They are likely my favorite Twitter manager for multiple accounts. You are not limited to the number of accounts you use. You can easily manage and monitor lists, DMs, mentions, retweets and searches. You can do quoted retweets.  In their mobile they even had an extra special column that listed all the mentions from all your accounts in one panel.  Love it! …except that it crashed all the time and I had to reinstall it 5 times over the course of one conference weekend. I also found their UI to be great on my laptop and really difficult to manage on my mobile devise. #Fail


I have tried others and they all roughly had the same core issues.

  • Don’t manage multiple accounts
  • Don’t do quoted retweets
  • Crash
  • Bad UI making it very cumbersome to use.
  • Slow

The Winner


I have recently started using TwitBird. They have a free and a pro version. The pro cost $2.99 and can manage up to 16 accounts. The free version manages 2. The UI is more like Hootsuite, except it is categorized by account, making it easier to keep track of what is happening in that account. So far (fingers are crossed) it is able to handle the multiple accounts without crashing and without being confusing.  I can easily send quoted retweets and it is super easy to add people to lists.

Overall, if you only have one Twitter profile or manage multiple, I would highly recommend this app.

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  • I completely agree with you on Tweetdeck. I love it on my laptop but hate it on my mobile and iPad. It crashes continuously.  I haven’t tried Twitbird but it sounds good. I opted for Osfoora on my iPad. It’s easy to use, quoted re-tweets and can manage multiple accounts.  I think I have 20 on there right now.  However, I have yet to find one that works well on my phone so I’m definitely going to try out Twitbird. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I will try that one for my iPad. Twitbird seems to bog down a bit with loading all the updates, but is still better than the other ones I have tried. oh for a mobile twitter client that worked flawlessly! *sigh*

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