Refresh-Her: Get Motivated & Boost Your Business!

By now you are all probably familiar with Dr. Shannon Reece.  I say this because I mention her rather frequently on the blog. She has guest posted for the Blog Cubed and I have guest posted for her blog. I also participate in her weekly board of small business experts.

Dr. Reece is excellent at helping people launch and grow their business, find their motivation and regain momentum. I am mentioning this because I am interested in connecting women to the Refresh-Her Challenge. The program begins on April 7th, but Dr. Reece is hosting a lot of pre-program activity like videos, blogs and webinars.

For the sake of disclosure, this is an affiliate program.  But since I almost never talk about affiliate programs, you know this is one I actually support.  She will really help you jump start your business, and assist you to make a real difference in your business performance and income.

To start off, she is posting some great motivational videos.

I watched it, and immediately felt inspired to get stuff done.  Wondering what I did? Well it is not very sexy, but I organized my email into folders and cleared my inbox.  It doesn’t sound like much, but my inbox was jammed, and I found 3 emails I had not responded to. Yikes!

Who Created the Refresh-Her Challenge?

Dr. Shannon Reece, a sport psychologist and former competitive athlete, who is known in the business advice arena as “The one trusted woman in a man’s business world”.  It  is a comprehensive program designed to walk women entrepreneurs through the essential steps required to dramatically grow their businesses without sacrificing themselves in the process.

Too often women place themselves and their needs at the bottom of their to-do lists, and we can easily reach the point of having very little left to give. Running a successful business doesn’t require you to run yourself into the ground.
The Refresh-Her Challenge provides a solution to women’s desires for greater freedom and a higher income.

Dr. Reece is a leading authority on how smart women can launch and grow their businesses in a man’s world, leveraging their unique strengths to drive peak performance.

What does it contain?

This program focuses on 5 core achievements:

  1. Free Up More Time By Investing in Yourself
  2. Annihilate the Defeating Thoughts That Hold You Back from Earning the Income You Deserve
  3. Build a Business Plan That Doubles Your Profits
  4. Grow Your Customer Base by Connecting with the Best Partners in Your Market
  5. Take Your Plan from Theory to Profitable Action.

It is a 12 week, 40 step online program that includes:

  • 30 lessons, with online interactive pdf workbooks
  • 5 video case studies
  • Bi-weekly group mentorship calls (recorded and archived)
  • Weekly online “office hours”
  • An introductory 15-minute action call with Shannon
  • 5 Master Class Webinars, designed to take your learning to a deeper level
  • Interactive Forum (Bonus)
  • Plus you get Dr. Reece’s personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: The goal is for you to just love what you learn in this program and achieve phenomenal results in your business, by learning how to leverage the your best. If you are not 100% thrilled with this program within the first 30 days, simply let her know and she will refund your money right away, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

    Click the image and it will take you to the first of her amazing videos!


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    • Steve

      You know, the “it’s a man’s world” really isn’t as accurate as it once was. Sure, opportunity disparity still exists, and as a man I can’t truly know the unique business challenges women face, but banging the drum about it seems to perpetuate the bias rather than address it.

    • Anonymous

      Women’s programs do not focus on “Its a man’s world”, they focus on developing the women’s strengths to help foster success. Often times women feel more comfortable being open and active in an all women’s environment. Men and women often communicate differently, both to each other but also about concepts and practices. As I went to Smith College, a woman’s college, I speak from experience. People often think think that a woman’s program is about the “It’s a man’s world” issue, but the truth is that most are not. Most are focusing on helping women develop strengths for success.