Fundrazr: Raising the Roof on Fundraising

Time to raise the roof about fundraising! Some amazing new developments will be released next week on the Facebook App, Fundrazr, taking its fundraising capabilities to the next level. Fundrazr is an app that lets you raise money on Facebook. Partnered with Paypal, it is one of the only ways to accept payments on Facebook.

You may recall me discussing Fundrazr in the past.* I have written about it as a tool for online fundraising. I started using Fundrazr with clients as soon as it came onto the Facebook scene, and immediately saw its potential as a strong and significant tool.

The new developments are truly making Fundrazr a robust app.  Take a look at the new functions:

The Give Button

The breaking news is that you can now have Fundrazr on your blog or website. They call it the Give Button. This allows you to integrate Fundrazr onto your blog or website, while still having it connected to your Facebook Fundrazr.  It also integrates social share, so you can easily share the campaign with friends on Facebook or your followers on Twitter.

See this video for a quick look at the new Give Button.


In-Context payment experience

You can make a payment using Paypal (even if you do not have a Paypal account) without leaving Facebook.  The post goes up on your wall and when you click “donate”, you are taken through the donation process right there on the wall. No more going off-site to process the payment.

The in-context payment experience is also featured with the Give Button.  When you donate using the Give Button, the Fundrazr is embedded into the site, meaning you will not be taken off-site to make a donation.

In-context payment increases the likelihood that people will follow through with a donation.

Anyone Can Fundraise

Now people can fundraise for you. They can set up their own Fundrazr and have it linked to your campaign, so all the money they collect will go directly into your Paypal account.  This makes it really easy for people to raise funds for a great cause.

*For full disclosure, I was part of a beta testing team that was evaluating the UI (user interface) for the Facebook wall, but I do not/did not receive any compensation for evaluating or talking about Fundrazr

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