Goodbye Droid, Hello iPhone

apple logo with the verizon logo underneath

The announcement yesterday about Verizon carrying the iPhone is trending on all social media. How many Droid users are only fans because they could not get iPhone on Verizon? An estimated 2 million to start.

A number of months ago I had to get rid of my iPhone because of AT&T issues.  After the iPhone 4 came out, and the update, my iPhone 3 started losing reception.  I finally bit the bullet and bought the new iPhone thinking that might help.  It was a beautiful piece of tech. It was sexy and sleek. It was easy to use, easy to type on, took great photos, video conferencing…well, you know how cool it was.  But something with the update and the change irrevocably affected my service (and at my house I had none!).  Since my iPhone was my only phone, this became a big problem.  After many hours (for days) on the phone with tech, going into the Apple store, going into the AT&T store, getting the wireless tower and trying everything humanly possible, I finally had to accept that it was time to get rid of my iPhone.

I was in deep mourning for about a month.

Even now, when I see happy iPhone people easily texting and playing with apps, I have a twinge of remorse for my favorite phone.

I replaced it with a Droid.  I know many people love their Droids. I, however, am not one of them.  I hate the screen keyboard. It is extraordinarily difficult to type on without constant typos.  It auto-texts every word and I often accidentally correct words and change them into something unintended. Yes, I know this is user error, but it is user error propagated by the phone. I think if I never had an iPhone, I might have liked the Droid. But I did. It is like reading A Clockwork Orange before seeing the movie.  I think I would have like the movie if I had seen it first, but I couldn’t help but recoil from Kubrick’s interpretation of the book.

This is not the first time I have expressed displeasure with my Droid.  I wrote another post on why I didn’t like it and managed to upset some Droid fanatics. Ultimately there are so many reasons why I do not like my Droid. Maybe iPhone ruined me for all other smart phones.

Here’s why…

Some reasons I hate my Droid

  • It says Droid…when it turns on or shuts off, it will say Droid in a creepy computer voice
  • It crashes.  I never had an iPhone program (or the phone) crash.  But I frequently have to “force quit” the Droid
  • The screen typing sucks
  • It eats battery life
  • Does not sync with my computer, I have to sync it with gmail. What if I don’t use gmail?
  • I have to click the top to activate the screen
  • I have to click the top if my screen turns off while making a call
  • I hate that stupid button at the top
  • No camera forward like on iPhone 4

OK, some reasons I like my Droid

  • I can actually make and receive phone calls – ultimately this beat out any reason I don’t like my Droid. It is a phone and I need to make calls.
  • The voice typing is cumbersome but kind of cool
  • It has a whoopie cushion app
  • The flashlight app is also very cool and works like a real flashlight

When I replaced it I chose Verizon as my carrier, not because they had better service than anyone else, but because I knew I could get reception and it was rumored they were going to be carrying the iPhone. On the off chance the rumors were true, Verizon had to be my provider.

The day is finally here….or will be in a month.  On 2.10.11, the iPhone will be available on Verizon!

There are those who are saying it will not be as good as the newer Verizon smart phones because it will not be on the coveted 4G, and that it is slower and can be hacked easier. But to quote the cartoon (shown below)…I don’t care.

Ultimately it is a matter of preference.  Droids are good phones. iPhones are good phones.  What can I say, I am a Mac Girl.

This is a very funny cartoon about the HTC Evo vs. the iPhone. There is some inappropriate language in it and it is generally making fun of iPhone users sacrificing good tech for brand recognition….but I don’t care.

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