New Schweppes App: Fun with Photos on Facebook!

Schweppes just made fun with photos on Facebook a little easier and yes the alliteration of that sentence was also fun. When the new profile layout was released, it did not take people very long to figure out that you could get inventive with the photo layout.  People have been taking advantage of the tagged photos bar and profile pic’s proximity to one another through artistic and marketing expressions.  Many people have come up with some pretty creative designs.

Facebook profile where profile photo extends across tagged photo strip to create the illusion of a single photo

Creative photo layouts can be used to create artistic expressions or marketing campaigns.

This looks easy, but figuring it out is not as straightforward as it seems.  Unless you want to spend a fair amount of time figuring out the exact dimension you need to size and puzzle piece your photo, you are probably not going to want to try this at home. Nothing is ever as simple as just tagging.

  • Size
  • Position
  • Order

All of these things come into play when you create this photo layout.  But now that the artists have been doing it for a month, it is time that an app is released to allow all of us to do it without having to figure out the golden ratio.

Schweppes (yes the beverage firm) has designed an application that will easily help you create your own photo composition, and yes you have to like their fan page in order to use the app. Once you do that, it is elementary as 1..2..3.  Well, the hardest part for me was finding an image I wanted to use. Otherwise, easy as pie.

So get out there and get creative with your own presentation!

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