Social One-Stop-Shop: Skype on Facebook?

Facebook Video ChatRumors abound saying that Facebook might be integrating video chat into their chat platform. Last year a programmer detected coding on Facebook that indicated they were possibly getting ready to introduce video functionality into their chat application. Though Facebook denied the report, it does seem likely that they are preparing for the next level of communication tech integration.

Video chat has been more of a “when” rather than an “if” for a long time.

With one-third of the U.S. population on Facebook, there is a better chance that your friends are on Facebook chat rather than an email oriented platform like AOL, MSN or Google. And of course integrating FB chat into outside platforms like iChat and AIM just increase the reach and usability. This makes FB a prospective and powerful platform for chat.

The integration of group chat into the new FB groups, and being able to have email announcements stream into your chat box, has just increased the attractiveness and probable development of the chat function.

If Facebook were to integrate video into their chat windows, they would be an even bigger powerhouse in social media.  Video chat integration could secure Facebook as the social one-stop-shop.

Will Facebook integrate with Skype? Or might they just create Skype-type functionality?

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