Personal Branding: Value of a Curmudgeon

A curmudgeon is someone who is bad-tempered and difficult to deal with.  Though someone who is a curmudgeon in real life might be a pain in the tuchus, that same person might have an edge online.  What it comes down to is: if you are branding yourself, you need to consciously choose and develop your personality.

When you start a business or career path that is centered around your skills, you need to decide whether you are going to brand the business or brand yourself. Branding yourself is about creating an image and a voice.  The voice of a business, even if it is playful and snarky, will still need to sound professional.  Establishing good client relations, a strong reputation and an air of expertise are foremost.

If it is you that you are branding, then establishing a personality becomes foremost.  Many people will establish their persona before they establish their expertise.  Your personality becomes your bait for luring people to you, whether they be clients or fans.

So you must be clear about the personality you want to create.  Who do you want to be? Because once you brand your personality, for the most part you are stuck with it…good or bad.  It becomes the role you play.

If you are branding yourself , give serious consideration to who is the you that you are branding.  Establish that and make it a cornerstone of your marketing and PR efforts.

Examples of branded personalities:

  • Rachel Ray – peppy to the point of obnoxious
  • Chris Brogan -The king of social media,  simultaneously laid back and motivated, constant source of information
  • Mari Smith – The queen of personal branding, she is energetic, excited, happy and motivated!
  • Carrot Top – obnoxious, in your face, self deprecating comedian.
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