Facebook Not-Mail: Part 3 – You’ve Got Mail on Steroids!

The most significant change to the Facebook “Not-Mail” is the capacity for it to integrate with everything!  Most email clients stay within other email clients, whether it is webmail, a desktop client like Outlook or Macmail or on your phone. The new Facebook message system is capable of integrating with email, Facebook messages, SMS, IM and Facebook Chat.

So this is how it works:

If someone sends you an email it will go to your message center.

You will receive a notification (based on your user settings):

  • Text message
  • Push notification (iPhone)
  • Through the Facebook notifications interface
  • in Chat

If you are on Facebook, you will receive the email in a chat message.  From the chat interface you can respond to the message and it will be sent as an email reply, without ever having to go to the message center or to an email client.

All your conversation history will be stored in association with the conversation recipient.  I don’t know if this includes all interactions, like wall posts. To the best of my knowledge the stored conversation history only applies to email conversations.

Users will also be able to subscribe or unsubscribe to an email thread. So you will finally be able to remove yourself from an email conversation that does not interest you.

As Andrew Bosworth “Bos”, Director of Engineering said in the live event on Monday, “Our goal is for it to feel like a conversation

The ability to be notified everywhere you have a electronic device seems a bit overwhelming to me.  I might think my house was exploding if my computers, iPad, IM’s and phones started beeping and binging because someone sent me an email. It would be like the old AOL “You’ve Got Mail” notification on steroids and in full Dolby stereo! Thankfully you can set how you want to be notified.  I do like that the email can come to you in a chat message. That will make responding quickly and immediately very easy.

The history feature is my favorite part.  I have spent hours searching through emails trying to find a single email that I read a few years ago.  Or going through 50 different emails with someone I’ve been talking to a lot recently, looking for that one email that said that one thing.  This will put all the emails in one place, so all I will have to remember is who I was emailing in the first place.

Part of setting your notifications is based off your social inbox, which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s post.