Project Junkie pt. 2: Productivity Checklist

Matt Mansfield wrote a great post about being a project junkie. He admitted his project addiction and bravely took credit for it and all the professional chaos it can cause. It is my turn.

I too am a project junkie. I get excited about things and then just dive in feet first. But as a business owner you cannot always do that. You have to be smart about your projects.

Since I am in Project Junkie recovery, every time I start feeling that excitement about the next best thing, the newest and most exciting project on the horizon, I take a moment and got through a productivity check list:

1. Will it make me money now?
2. Can I afford to not make money now?
3. Have I taken care of my clients first?
4. Have I taken care of my existing business responsibilities?

Once I have answered these questions, I am ready for the next part of my checklist. (See Project Junkie Part 3 posting on Thursday Sept. 23, 2010 …aka. tomorrow).

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  • Anonymous


    Love the way you moved right into practical steps to PJ detox! Very sensible steps – I was going to choose a favorite to comment on, but they are all pretty important! I guess the most important is the one that is most pertinent to you at the moment, yet they all need to be checked-off.


  • Anonymous

    After your great post on projects, flowing into the detox effect seemed to be a necessary followup. I am glad you liked my sequel to your post!